About Us

Farwell Fruit Farm started out as a small jungle of tropical and subtropical fruit trees in pots on my 12' x 16' lanai in 2013.  As the aisles between the plants disappeared, the trees overflowed into my family's backyard and a neighbor complained to the Home Owner's Association.  Faced with downsizing our collection, I instead found a suitable property for a grove.  In 2018, I began planting out a fruit tree grove.  In 2020, I hired our first employee, we built a plant nursery, and got our Florida nursery license and various other certifications.  In 2021, we began expanding our operations.  We remain a small rare fruit farm with just James (owner), Elise (out Farm Manager), and Sarah (Customer Service) running operations.  Occasionally my wife Joyce and toddler son John help out a bit too.  We are always expanding our collection, but we currently have 450+ species/cultivars of subtropical and tropical fruit growing on our property.  We currently offer the most viable seeds and healthiest plants that you can find of rare fruit species.  We have a strong focus in Plinia, Myrciaria, and Garcinia but grow a little bit of everything.

Why grow rare fruit trees?
I chose the often difficult life of farming for the traditional lifestyle it provides.  Being surrounded by the tranquility of nature is the best medicine for the mind.  Working with your hands keeps your body strong.  I work for the satisfaction of the work itself.  Growing rare fruit trees is a long slow art where patience and dedication pay off over a period of many years.  I hope that you find the same for yourself and your family. 


Kind Regards,
James Farwell

Owner of Farwell Fruit Farm


Our Staff

Shaun S., Maintenance Director 


Elise K., Farm Manager

Veronica P., Operations Assistant