Policies & FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you offer phytosanitary certificates for international orders? 

Yes, they are $100 and issued by the United States Department of Agriculture.  

Why can't I place an order under $50 in value?

Our farm is a small operation and so we have to be efficient with our time.  Most of our customers are wholesalers/nurseries but we also fill large orders for individual orders.  

Do you take reservations for seeds almost ready to harvest?
No, it gets to difficult to manage and sometimes animals eat the fruit the day before harvest.

What about the condition of your seeds?
All seeds are professionally cleaned, soaked in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to kill mold and other pathogens, and stored in a slightly moist air tight bag at a temperature around 38-45 degrees Fahrenheit until shipped.  Most seeds are shipped without vermiculite as is required by certain countries.  In our experience the vermiculite can introduce pathogens is not needed as long as the bag is air tight to retain moisture.  

How do you ship?
Seeds are shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) first class unless specified otherwise for a faster delivery speed.  Unless its an international order, faster shipping is not needed.  We also offer DHL which is highly recommended for certain countries if you are not paying for a phytosanitary certificate.

When will I get my seeds?  
We guaranty that your seeds will ship within one week of receiving your order.  receiving payment.  In most cases we ship on a daily basis.  If there is a holiday or weekend, your order will wait until the next business day 

Do you provide tracking Information?
All orders have a tracking number which is sent to you automatically for you to track the shipping of your order.  It is the buyer's responsibility to track the seeds and be sure to get them immediately upon arrival.  Even a few hours in a hot mailbox in full sun can kill your seeds.

Who bears the risk of seeds lost in transit? 
For international orders, you have two options: (1) purchase your seeds without a phytosanitary certificate and take your chances of confiscation from your country's customs, or (2) pay $100 for a phytosanitary certificate which takes a few days for us to get for you.  We only guaranty the seeds up until the point where they leave the USA.  Once the seeds leave the USA to the destination country, the risk transfers to the buyer.  If the seeds are seized by the buyer's country's customs, get lost or stuck in the destination country postal service, etc. there will be no refund.  Please look up import regulations for your country to see if you need  phytosanitary certificate, import license, or other permission.  For domestic orders, I guaranty that the seeds will arrive in viable condition to the final destination. 

Do you give refunds? 
We give detailed information on when seeds are harvested and only sell viable seeds so you odds of successful germination are high with our seeds.  We do not provide a refund if the seeds do not germinate satisfactorily.