Plinia sp. Anomaly Jaboticaba
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Plinia sp. Anomaly Jaboticaba

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Plinia sp. Anomaly Jaboticaba mother tree came from a Plinia sp. Red Jaboticaba seed in Flying Fox Fruits (Adam Shaffran, Sanford, FL) collection.  Our grafted tree appears indistinguishable to us from a Red Jaboticaba.  The mother tree has shown to be more precocious and productive than other Red Jaboticabas.  The tree started fruiting around 3 years old (instead of 4-6 years for a Red Jaboticaba) and became everbearing after just a few years.  The flower clusters are incredibly dense for such a young tree.  It is unlikely that a non-grafted plant from seed will carry on the genetics of the mother plant but you will likely get a handsome Red Jaboticaba tree which is also lovely.  Our grafted Anomaly tree in our grove has not shown any of the characteristics of the mother tree yet and its been flowering since around 2020.  This could change.  

This video shows you why this tree is so special (the music alone is worth watching) :

This one too, LOL, well done by Adam!!!: