Plinia coronata "Long Penduncle - Bunches of Fruit on Branch
Plinia coronata "Long Penduncle - Mature Leaves
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Plinia coronata "Long Penduncle" Jaboticaba Seeds

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Plinia coronata "Long Penduncle" Jaboticaba produces globose fruit that are dark purple when ripe with some greenish bronze blotches that are typical of Plinia coronatas. The 2-10mm apical crown often has minor reminants of the sepals which are easily brushed off. The fruit grow in bunches of 1-6 fruit on 8-22mm penduncles. The leaves are lanceolate, chartaceous, glabrous, and 4-6cm long. The pulp is succulent, sweet, and of excellent flavor. Precocity is unknown but Plinia coronatas typically takes10-15 years to bear fruit from seed.