Eugenia rostrifolia Seeds
Eugenia rostrifolia Seeds
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Eugenia rostrifolia Seeds

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General Information

Eugenia rostrifolia is a deciduous tree with a small, dense, rounded crown; it can grow 10 - 20 metres tall. The straight, cylindrical bole can be 40 - 60cm in diameter  The tree is sometimes harvested from the wild for local use as a food and source of wood.

Range: S. America - southern Brazil.


An understorey to canopy tree in the interior of dense, primary seasonal forests, favouring rocky soils


Edibility Rating **
Other Uses Rating **
Habit Evergreen Tree
Height 15.00 m
Growth Rate Medium
Cultivation Status Wild

Cultivation Details

A plant mainly of the subtropical areas of southern Brazil.
Succeeds in full sun to fairly dense, dappled shade Prefers well-drained soils. Established plants are drought tolerant.  Young plants have a moderately fast rate of growth.  

Edible Uses

Fruit - raw. A sweetish, succulent pulp. The yellowish-green, globose fruit can be 18mm in diameter, containing a single large seed.